Table of Contents

Baseband self tests in Phoenix 3-5

Power and charging troubleshooting 3-7

Dead or jammed device troubleshooting 3-7

Power key troubleshooting 3-9

General voltage checking troubleshooting 3-10

General power checking 3-12

Charging troubleshooting 3-13

USB charging troubleshooting 3-13

Battery current measuring fault troubleshooting 3-15

Clocking troubleshooting 3-16

Interface troubleshooting 3-17

Flash programming fault troubleshooting 3-17

SIM card troubleshooting 3-20

MicroSD card troubleshooting 3-21

USB data interface troubleshooting 3-22

User interface troubleshooting 3-25

Keyboard and side keys troubleshooting 3-25

Power key troubleshooting 3-26

Keyboard LEDs and Navi key LEDs troubleshooting 3-27

Display module troubleshooting 3-27

General instructions for display troubleshooting 3-27

Display fault troubleshooting 3-29

Display backlight troubleshooting 3-30

Hall sensor troubleshooting 3-31

Camera module troubleshooting 3-32

Taking and evaluating test pictures with main camera 3-32

Main camera troubleshooting 3-33

Main camera baseband troubleshooting 3-33

Main camera no recognizable viewfinder image troubleshooting 3-35

Main camera bad image quality troubleshooting 3-35

Audio troubleshooting 3-37

Audio troubleshooting test instructions 3-37

Internal earpiece troubleshooting 3-41

Internal microphone troubleshooting 3-41

Internal handsfree (IHF) troubleshooting 3-43

External earpiece troubleshooting 3-44

External microphone troubleshooting 3-45

Acoustics troubleshooting 3-46

Introduction to acoustics troubleshooting 3-46

Earpiece troubleshooting 3-47

IHF troubleshooting 3-47

Microphone troubleshooting 3-49

Vibra troubleshooting 3-50

Bluetooth and FM radio troubleshooting 3-51

Bluetooth troubleshooting 3-51

FM radio troubleshooting 3-52

Baseband manual tuning guide 3-52

Certificate restoring for BB5 products 3-52

Energy management calibration 3-58

List of Tables

Table 6 Display module troubleshooting cases 3-27

Table 7 Pixel defects 3-28

Table 8 Calibration value limits 3-58

List of Figures

Figure 8 Flashing pic 1. Take single trig measurement for the rise of the BSI signal 3-18

Figure 9 Flashing pic 2. Take single trig measurement for the rise of the BSI signal 3-19

Figure 10 Single-ended output waveform of the Ext_in_HP_out measurement when earpiece is connected 3-39

Figure 11 Differential output waveform of the Ext_in_IHF_out out loop measurement when speaker is connected 3-39

Figure 12 Single-ended output waveform of the HP_in_Ext_out loop when microphone is connected 3-40

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