1. Place the phone to the docking station adapter (CU-4 is connected to the adapter).

2. Start Phoenix service software.

3. Choose File^ Scan Product.

4. Choose Tuning^Energy Management Calibration.

5. To show the current values in the phone memory, click Read, and check that communication between the phone and CU-4 works.

6. Check that the CU-4 used check box is checked.

7. Select the item(s) to be calibrated.

Note: ADC calibration has to be performed before other item(s). However, if all calibrations are selected at the same time, there is no need to perform the ADC calibration first.

8. Click Calibrate.

The calibration of the selected item(s) is carried out automatically.

The candidates for the new calibration values are shown in the Calculated values column. If the new calibration values seem to be acceptable (please refer to the following "Calibration value limits" table), click Write to store the new calibration values to the phone permanent memory.

Table 8 Calibration value limits




ADC Offset

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