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The Baseband submodule controls the internal operation of the phone. It controls the user interface, i.e. LCD driver, keyboard and audio interface functions. The module performs all signalling towards the system and carries out audio-frequency signal processing. In addition, it controls the operation of the transceiver and stores tuning data for the phone.

The baseband architecture is basically similar to the previous generation. However, the system specified logical voltage level used is 2.82V and new features include a improved charging circuit CHAPS and a new power supply circuit PSA.

The baseband architecture supports a power saving function called "extended standby mode". This sleep mode shuts off the Receiver and part of the NASTA blocks. The phone is woken up at every FOCC:s first word and it is "sleeping" the rest of the time.

The nominal battery voltage in NHX-7 is 3.6V. The actual battery voltage varies between 3.0 to 4.2V/5.3V depending on the used cell type (Li-Ion or NiMH) and whether the phone is connected to a charger (limit on 5.3V with NiMH battery in idle).

Battery charging is controlled by a PWM signal from the MCU. The PWM duty cycle is determined by a charging software. The PWM signal is fed to the CHAPS charging switch and through the charging pins to an external charger. There can be two types of chargers connected to the phone.

Standard chargers (two wires) provide coarse supply power, which is switched by the CHAPS for suitable charging voltage and current. Advanced chargers (three wires) are equipped with a control input, through which the phone gives PWM charging control signal to the charger.

of the NHX-7 ETACS and the RF functions of

Technical Documentation

Baseband Module JP3

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