The master reset for the RPE-1 comes from the host computer or controller. The host computer can reset RPE-1 either with external RESET -signal of the PCMCIA interface or with software through the COR-register of the interface ASIC SMART. One bit of the COR-register controls the PURX-output of the SMART. PURX from the SMART is delayed by appr. 500us before entering the MAD2 PURX input. MAD2 is in reset when PURX is LOW .

When the RPE-1 card is first inserted in a PCMCIA slot, the host computer powers it up and after a while, releases the RESET -signal. The interface ASIC keeps the PURX active. The host computer now reads the CIS information from the interface ASIC to determine which drivers to use to access the card. As soon as the drivers have been found and started on the host computer, they inform the interface ASIC to wake up the system ASIC. In practice, the interface ASIC releases the PURX -signal to 1. The system ASIC then follows its own wake up sequence.

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