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The system boots up when power key is pressed (adequate battery voltage, VBAT, present).

Power down can be initiated by pressing the power key again (the system is powered down with the aid of SW). Power on key is connected to EM ASIC (N2200) ASIC via PWRONX signal.

Power distribution

Power distribution

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Figure 68 Power distribution diagram

Power supply components:

• backlight SMPS

All the above are powered by the main battery voltage.

Battery voltage is also used on the RF side for power amplifiers (GSM PA) and for RF ASIC Ahne.

Discrete power supplies are used to generate 1.8V and 2.8V for the camera module, 2.85V for MicroSD card and max. 18V for backlight LEDs.

The device supports both 1.8V/3V SIM cards which are powered by EM ASIC (N2200) / VSIM1. EM ASIC (N2200) s VSIM2 is not used. USB accessories which needs power from the device are powered by EM ASIC (N2300) / VOUT.

Because LED driver in EM ASIC (N2300) is not used, the external SMPS is used instead. External LED SMPS is still controlled by EM ASIC (N2300) and powered by battery voltage.

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