Backup battery troubleshooting

First, verify that the backup battery is empty (i.e. the voltage of the backup battery is < 1 V). During this measurement the main battery must be disconnected and the phone must be switched OFF!

Then connect the main battery and switch the phone ON. Monitor the voltage of the backup battery in order to verify that the voltage will rise. After a few minutes switch the phone off and disconnect the main battery and measure that the backup battery is charged. Typical behaviour of the backup battery voltage during charge and discharge is described in the following pictures as a function of time.

Figure 40 Charging backup battery
Figure 41 Discharging backup battery

If the voltage rises and falls quickly, battery is dead. If the voltage stays 0V, check resistance VBACK<-> GND: If there is no short circuit, Retu is faulty. Replace Retu.

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