Phone doesnt register to the network or doesnt make a call

"Phone does not register to the network or does not ___ make a call

C254 (VCOB

5BA)>2.7V ?


C100 (Vref) = 1.5V ?

Check N100 CCONT

Check C100, R211

Check supply voltage during RX slot: C101 (VCP) >4.8V C133 (VRX) >2.7V C135 (VSYN_1)>2.7V C134 (VSYN_2)>2.7V During TX slot: C136 (VTX) >2.7V

Check RF part

Check CCONT N100

SynthPwr (J319) = 1 (2.8V) ? VCXO_Pwr (J302) = 1 (2.8V) ?

Check D300 MADLinda

Check synthesizer lines during RX slot: J502, J501/J505 SENA1 J501 (SCLK) J500(SDATA) = Pulses "0" -> "1" ? And

Check D300 MADLinda

Check RF control lines during RX slot: R708 (RxC, N240)= 0 - 2.3VB max. R832 (AFC, VCXQ)=0 - 1.2V typ.

Check N200 COBBA

Check analog data signals during RX slot R533 (RxIN, Cobba)=0 - 1.5V DC C532 (RxIP, Cobba)=0 - 1.5V DC Received signal is biased to DC, nominal amplitude= _50mVpp, freq.=13MHz_

If DC failure: Check N200 Cobba, else Check RF part

iheck RF control lines during TX slot R792 (TxC, Cobba)=0 - 2.3V max J320(TxP) = "0" -> "1"(2.8V)

If TxC failure: Check N200 Cobba, If TxP failure, Check D300

Check analog data signals during TX slot: R541 (TxIN, Cobba) R541 (TxIP, Cobba) R546 (TxQN, Cobba) R546 (TxQP, Cobba) Transmitted signal is biased to DC, nom.ampl=300mVpp, freq.=64kHz

Check N200 COBBA R541, R546, C540, C541

8. Troubleshooting Technical Documentation

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