Login Dialog

When the Service Software application is invoked, by checking on the Service Software icon, the Login dialog box (Figure 1) will be displayed on the screen.

Figure 1. Login dialog box

Nokia logo and application name bitmap (-)

Displays Nokia logo and name of the application.

Application version static text (-)

Contains the name and version of the application.

Copyright notice static text (-)

Copyright is informed as: "Nokia Mobile Phones (c) 1995-1999. All Rights Reserved".

The user Login ID edit box, where the user enters his faultlog user name. (See Faultlog User Guide)

OK button (default key)

The user name is stored in memory and the dialog box is closed. When the dialog box is closed, the application starts.


Technical Documentation 7. Service Software Instructions

Cancel button (ESC)

The Dialog box is closed and application is started, but the Faultlog feature is disabled.

Help button (F1)

Activates the Windows Help application and displays context sensitive Help.

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