External Connections

For external RF connection there is a SMA jack connector. The connection is defined to be made with service cable XRF-1.

Attenuation of the RF connection (without XRF-1 cable) is appx. 0,2dB for 900MHz band and 0,4dB for 1800MHz band.

For system signal connection (Fbus/Mbus) there is a modular 10 socket in the jig.

The socket is compatible also with modular 8 plug. Preferred cables for system connection are XCS-4 and DAU-9S.

For audio signals the jig includes also a modular 10 socket. SGND is separated from general GND although in ADS-1 service cable specificed for use with the jig those are short-circuited.

For powering the jig there are two "banana" sockets. Red one for + terminal and black for GND terminal.

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