ESD Protection

Nokia requires that phone repair places have sufficient ESD protection (against static electricity) when servicing cellular phones.

A cellular phone, which is ready for use, can be handled normally without ESD protection. The SIM card and battery can be replaced in normal conditions of use.

To replace the color cover ESD protection must be applied, except for the phone covers which can be replaced by the customer.

All electronic parts of the phone , including the display, are susceptible to ESD. Resistors, too, can be damaged by static electricity discharge.

All ESD sensitive parts must be packed in metallized protective bags during shipping and handling outside any ESD Protected Area (EPA).

Every repair action involving opening the phone or handling the phone components must be done under ESD protection.

ESD protected spare part packages MUST NOT be opened/closed out of an EPA.

For more detailed information about ESD protection and EPA, contact your local Nokia After Market Services representative.

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