Contact Service in CMT display

CONTACT SERVICE in CMT display (Self-tests with WinTesla)

Display Information: "Contact Service"

This fault means that software is able to run and thus the watchdog of CCONT (N100) can be served. Self-test functions are executed when power is switched on and software is started to execute from flash.

If any one of the self-tests fails (except no. 3, 7, 8, and F), the text "Contact Service" is shown in the phone display.

MCU Self-tests are divided into those executed while power up (tests: 1-5 and 9-I ) and the ones can be executed with the connected PC. The tests and included items are as follows (Figure 32, screendump from the WinTesla)

MCU Self-tests



1 HCU ROH Checksum (p):Passed

2 HCU EEPROH Interface

3 RTC Battery

4 CCOHT Interface

5 A/I) Converter

6 SU Reset

7 Power Off

8 Security Data

EEPROH Tune Checksum (p

A PPH Checksum

B HCU Download DSP (p

C DSP Alive (p

D COBBA Serial (p

E COBBA Parallel (p

F EEPROH Sec Checksum (p

G PPH Validity (p

H Warranty State (p

I SU Version (p

Passed Passed Passed Passed Passed

Hot executed











Hot executed


Run All

Read Results

Figure 32.

The information can be used for diagnosis.

Memory tests differ from normal DCT3 self-tests. They can not be executed in the ENOS because memory protection.

There is no EEPROM. The EEPROM is emulated in the FLASH (part of CS2). All contents where EEPROM is mentioned refer to emulated EEPROM.

Item no. 1; MCU ROM Checksum:

Technical Documentation 8. Troubleshooting

Calculates 16 bit checksum out of Flash code and compares it to the one found in Flash. Items being checked are MADLinda <-> Flash data- and address lines FLDa0-15 and FLAd1-21, FLCS0X (CE0), FLCS1X (CE1), FLCS2X (CE2), FLWEX (WE), Vbb (Vcc), VCORE (Vccq), GND, and Flash internal functionality.

Item no. 2 MCU EEPROM Interface:

Checks current PMM error status. If this test FAILs, the PMM data is not valid anymore and should be formatted.

Item no. D COBBA Serial

This test tests Audio interface (PCM) of the COBBA_GJP.

Item no. E COBBA Parallel

This test tests the serial control/RF interface of the COBBA_GJP.

8. Troubleshooting Technical Documentation

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