Modes of Operation

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Acting Dead

Active Mode

Sleep Mode mode.

PAMS Technical Documentation

If the battery pack is disconnect during the sleep mode, the CCONT pulls the SIM interface lines low as there is no time to wake up the MCU.

Charging can be performed in any operating mode.The battery type/size is indicated by a resistor inside the battery pack. The resistor value corresponds to a specific battery capacity. This capacity value is related to the battery technology as different capacity values are achieved by using different battery technology.

The battery voltage, temperature, size and current are measured by the CCONT controlled by the charging software running in the MAD.

The power management circuitry controls the charging current delivered from the charger to the battery. Charging is controlled with a PWM input signal, generated by the CCONT. The PWM pulse width is controlled by the MAD and sent to the CCONT through a serial data bus. The battery voltage rise is limited by turning the CHAPS switch off when the battery voltage has reached 4.2 V. Charging current is monitored by measuring the voltage drop across a 220 mohm resistor.

The Watchdog block inside CCONT contains a watchdog counter and some additional logic which are used for controlling the power on and power off procedures of CCONT. The WD-counter runs during that time, though. Watchdog counter is reset internally to 32 s at power up. Normally it is reset by MAD writing a control word to the WDReg.



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