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The MCU software enters a local mode at start-up if suitable resistors are connected to the BTEMP and BSI lines.

NOTE! Baseband doesn't wake up automatically when the battery voltage is connected. Power must be switched on by pressing the Power key or inserting a waking pulse BTEMP line or connecting a charger

In the local mode the baseband can be controlled through MBUS or FBUS connections by a PC-locals software. Baseband internal connections are tested with selftests if possible.

Parameters cannot be set accurate enough by design because of component tolerances. Due to use of 5% resistor values, the channels of the CCONT A/D converters need to be aligned in the production phase. Within battery voltage tuning the MCU software reads the A/D reading from CCONT at 4.1V and stores this reading to emulated EEPROM memory as a reference point. Another reference point is created by assuming that while the input voltage is zero, A/D reading is also zero. Now the slope is known and A/D readings can be calibrated. Calibration is included in VBATT A/D reading task.

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DIY Battery Repair

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