Phone Identity command

Activation Status Bar Text

Alt, S,I Open Phone Identity dialog box for editing

Function is used to edit phone identity. NOTE: product code cannot be changed with this dialog, if product code is invalid, e.g. after EEPROM change, change product code first with Production Data Edit. With this dialog IMEI or SIM locks may be changed in following manner:

- current phone information is read from phone

- the user edits User Name (and IMEI and Product Code, if they were not read correctly from phone. But if you have to change product code it must be done in the Production Data edit dialog. To edit other fields than User Name and IMEI, Input entries from FAX must be checked)

- dialog information is saved to file, which is sent to secure place where actual programming information may be constructed

- programming information is received from secure place in an other file, which is loaded to dialog

- program checks input values and if they are correct programming information is written to phone (Input values are compared with values read from phone)

The function opens Phone Identity dialog.

Phone Identity

Phone Identity

User Name:

jjohn Doe


MS Id:

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