Clock Time Problems

Clock time has to be corrected in short periods.

Check amplitude and frequency of sleepclock oscillator at J228 (3Vpp squarewave at 32.768kHz).

If amplitude or frequency is not ok, change crystal B100. If fault persists, check parts around B100 like R100/102/154

and C101/102/113.

Clock time is lost after removing battery

Check mechanical appearance of RTC-battery, especially check the angles of the battery springs.

If necessary bend them for the plus (short) spring as shown in the first picture and for the minus (longer) spring in the second with help of plastic tweezers. Also see NSM 2 service bulletin 20.

Battery Recondition

The bending of the battery-spring should always be done, also with new batteries! After changing the RTC-battery it is necessary to charge it. This can easily be done by assembling the BLB-2 battery to the phone for 10 to 15 minutes (It is not necessary to switch on the phone). After that, RTC-battery should be able to save the clocktime.

If the fault still remains, change Chaps N101 and try charging RTC-battery once more.

Customer Care E&A Technical Services Training Group

Date 23.07.2001

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