Charger Voltage Measurement

The charger voltage is measured to determine the type of charger used. MCU A/D converter channel 1 is used for this purpose and MCU /D converter channel 1. The input circuitry to the charger measurement A/D channel implements an LP filter. The input voltage must be scaled before it is fed to the A/D converter input. Due to the high input voltage range scaling is performed outside PSCLD, N300. The scaling factor required is 22/(22+100) = 0.18. The charger voltage measurement switch is integrated into PSCLD, N300. Charger voltage is not supplied to the A/D converter input in power off mode. This is done to protect the A/D converter input in case power is switched off and the charger remains connected to the baseband. The resistor values are different since the scaling factor is larger.

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