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Different battery types are identified by a pulldown resistor inside the battery pack. The BSI line inside transceiver has a 100k pullup to VBB. The MCU can identify the battery by reading the BSI line DC-voltage level with a CCONT (N100) A/D-converter.

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Figure 10. Battery Identification

Technical Documentation

The battery identification line is used also for battery removal detection. The BSI line is connected to a SIMCardDetX line of MAD2 (D200). SIMCardDetX is a threshold detector with a nominal input switching level 0.85xVcc for a rising edge and 0.55xVcc for a falling edge. The battery removal detection is used as a trigger to power down the SIM card before the power is lost. The BSI contact in the battery pack is made 0.7mm shorter than the supply voltage contacts so that there is a delay between battery removal detection and supply power off,





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