PPH Plugin HF Car

The PPH-1 provides rapid charging for the phone and possibility for HF (Hands Free) operation. The PPH-1 plug and play hands free unit is connected directly to the cigarette lighter in the car. PPH-1 is connected to Mobile phone with the cable. The cable has combinated connector with charger and headset connectors. HF microphone HFM-8 can be connected to PPH-1 connector as well.

Product code

Product code (English type label): 0675182

Product code (Portuguese type label): 0675246


Output connectors: 3.5 mm DC plug, 2-pole (+, -, control) Input voltage: 8-16V DC Protection: Output fault voltage 16 V max. Output current: 750 mA max.

MBD-10 Mobile Holder

The MBD-10 Mobile Holder is used in vehicle to hold the phone. Attaching can be made using swivel or mounting plate

Passive holder supports use with mobile charger and Plug-in HF Car Kit

Product code

Product code (Eur/Afr and APAC type label): 0650035

Product code (Chinese type label): 0650036

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