Power key and system powerup

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When the battery is placed in the phone the power key circuits are energized. When the power key is pressed, the system boots up (if an adequate battery voltage is present).

Power down can be initiated by pressing the power key again (the system is powered down with the aid of SW). The power key is connected to EM ASIC N2200 (AVILMA) via PWRONX signal.

Modes of operation




(dead) mode means that the main battery is not present or its voltage is too low (below N2200 AVILMA master reset threshold) and that the back-up battery voltage is too low.


The main battery is not present or its voltage is too low but back-up battery voltage is adequate and the 32 kHz oscillator is running (RTC is on).


In this mode (warm), the main battery is present and its voltage is over N2300 BETTY master reset threshold. All regulators are disabled, PurX is on low state, the RTC is on and the oscillator is on. PWR_OFF (cold) mode is almost the same as PWR_OFF (warm), but the RTC and the oscillator are off.


RESET mode is a synonym for start-up sequence. RESET mode uses 32 kHz clock to count the REST mode delay (typically 16ms).


SLEEP mode is entered only from PWR_ON mode with the aid of SW when the system's activity is low.


FLASHING mode is for SW downloading.

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