Burst mode

The flash device supports burst-mode. The purpose is to improve the date rate between the flash and the UPP. The burst-mode can only be used for read operations. It is possible to access the memory in burst-mode over the entire memory except for the 8 x 8 Kbytes sectors. When using burst-mode at least 4 word (4*16 bits) is read from the flash. A read operation from the flash, normally first set-up the address, and then the UPP will get the data from this particular address. The address has to be set-up or sent to the flash ever time the UPP wants to read from the flash. By using burst-mode the address only needs to be sent one time, then flash will keep sending data as long as there is a clock-signal.

Figure 20 Burst-mode reading from the flash. Note that the address only is sent ones. The flash keeps sending data to the UPP as long as the CS-signal and CLK are valid.

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