EZ Battery Reconditioning Method

How to Recondition a Battery

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CHARG_CTRL (J114/C171) RFC (J601)



VB (J103/C105) VCORE (C155) VBB (J108/C147) VCOBBA (J109/C254) VBATTIR (L121) VBATTRF (L122) VBATTUI (L120) VREF (J117/C143) VREF_RX (R510) VSYN_1 (J106/C130) VSYN_2 (C133) VRX (J104/C136) VTX (J107/C142) VXO (J105/C141) VCP (J110/C157) V_IN (F101) VPP (C349)

VIRDA (C139) RAM_BCK (C135)


Always high level, only pulled down as long as powerkey is pressed.

Power-Up-Reset signal from CCONT. When the voltages are stable, this line is on high level allowing the MAD to run (Masterreset).

Chip select for the CCONT. Used when the MAD wants to access the CCONT on the serial bus (the serial bus is shared with the display) GENSIO-bus.

Interrupt from the CCONT to the MAD; for example: from the Real Time Clock, when a charger is connected or when an intelligent battery powers the phone up Output to the charger, when using 3-wire charging. The duty cycle of this 32Hz signal switches the output current of the ACP-9 charger.

Reference Frequency Clock. High stability clock signal for the digital circuits inBaseband (13MHz)

32kHz clock generated in CCONT RTC. Used by MAD during sleepmode

Control line from MAD to CCONT. Turns on/off 3 voltage regulators for RF

Control line from MAD to CCONT. Controls the sleep-mode by turning on/off regulators needed during normal/sleep

Battery voltage

Digital baseband supply for the MAD core, 1.7 -1.9V

Digital baseband supply, 2.7V

Analog baseband supply, 2.7V (used for audio)

Battery voltage for supplying IRDA, VIBRA and BUZZER

Battery voltage for the Power amplifiers (RF)

Battery voltage for supplying LED's

1.5V reference voltage (+-1,5%) generated by CCONT

Reference voltage for HAGAR, generated by COBBA

Supply voltage for SHF VCO

Supply voltage for digital and analog circuits in HAGAR (VLO,VPRE,VBB, VF_RX)

Supply voltage for HAGAR part of the RX chain

Supply voltage for the TX chain in HAGAR

Supply voltage for the VCTCXO and VDIG in HAGAR

4,9V supply voltage for PLL charge pump HAGAR

Charger input

12V input for fast flashing. In normal use, this line of the Flash is used for write protecting the flash, and is then controlled by MAD with a possible overrule from a voltage detection circuit. So if the battery is removed, the voltage detector disabled writing to the flash Regulator (2.7V), that turns the Infrared device and buffers on/off Backup-supply to SRAM. When the phone is turned off, the SRAM gets power from the RTC-battery, so that data is not lost

Signal used for turning ON an intelligent battery from the phone

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