Audio Gain), provides system clock squaring, utilizes PLL for CDMA clock generation from system clock, and interfaces to the RF section and to MAD4.

The CCONT ASIC provides linear regulated power to most of the phone. It has a multiplexed A/D converter for temperature sensor digitization, battery voltage, charger voltage, current consumption, and battery type detection. An external 32 kHz oscillator circuit is connected to CCONT, which is used for sleep clock generation. It also has a watchdog circuit used to power off the phone in the event that MCU receives an interrupt from power key depression, or an event has caused a process to over run and MCU does not service the register to prevent the watchdog timer from timing out.

The PENTA IC chip operates as a low noise, low drop out regulator with 5 independent 2.8-volt outputs used to power on various sections of the RF module. The PENTA IC has 5 control inputs are controlled by the MAD4 ASIC.

CHAPS operates as an integrated power switch for controlling charger current. Its features are limited start up current, limited maximum switch current, transient voltage protection, voltage limit protection, and reverse voltage protection. It is designed to be used with either a single lithium cell or three nickel cells battery types.

PAMS Technical Documentation


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