Repeat steps to for GSM and GSM Rx band filter response compensation GSM Before you begin

Rx calibration must be performed before the Rx band filter response compensation. Context On each GSM Rx band, there is a band filter in front of the RF ASIC front end. The amplitude ripple caused by these filters causes ripple to the RSSI measurement, and therefore calibration is needed. The calibration has to be repeated for each GSM band. Steps 1. Connect the GSM connector of the module jig to a signal generator. 2. Start Phoenixservice software. 3. From the Operating mode drop-down menu,...

Energy management calibration Before you begin

Energy Management EM calibration is performed to calibrate the setting gain and offset of AD converters in several channels that is, battery voltage, BSI, battery current to get an accurate AD conversion result. An external power supply is needed. Supply 12V DC from an external power supply to CU-4 to power up the phone. The phone must be connected to a CU-4 control unit with a product-specific flash adapter.