There are some important aspects that require special attention in positioning car kit accessories. The positioning of the phone holder is the most important factor when trying to achieve the most comfortable position for the user. The location of the holder should be selected so that the visibility of the phone's display is good under all lighting conditions, but not so that the driver's attention is easily distracted. The holder should be located so that the driver can easily reach the...

System Clock

The baseband module consists of four asics, CHAPS, CCONT, COBBA-GJ and MAD2, which take care of the baseband functions of NSE-3. The baseband is running from a 2.8V power rail, which is supplied by a power controlling asic. In the CCONT asic there are 6 individually controlled regulator outputs for RF-section and two outputs for the baseband. In addition there is one +5V power supply output (V5V) for flash programming voltage and other purposes where a higher voltage is needed. The CCONT...

Flash Prommer FPSS Sales Pack

The Flash Prommer FPS-4S is used to update the main software of the phone. Updating is done by first loading the new MCU software from the PC to the flash prommer, and then loading the new SW from the prommer to the phone. When updating more than one phone in succession, the MCU software only needs to be loaded to the prommer once. - Installation software for FPS-4 Flash Prommer FPS-4S View of FPS-4S


Spare Battery Charger Nokia 7110

The FBUS cannot be used for external accessory communication when the infrared mode is selected, as IR communication reserves the FBUS completely. Requirements for a real time clock implementation are a basic clock (hours and minutes), a calender and a timer with alarm and power on off -function and miscellaneous calls. The RTC will contain only the time base and the alarm timer but all other functions (e.g. calendar) will be implemented with the MCU software. The RTC needs a power backup to...

Security Box TDF

The Security Box TDF-4 is required for updating MCU software, and infra red testing. Note1 TDF-4 is delivered in de-activated mode. Fill in the enclosed Activation Request Form, and fax to NMP Salo to get the activation code Note2 The infra red module JLP-1 is not included in the TDF-4 sales package Technical Documentation Service Tools


Technical Documentation System Module The module is activated with an IRON signal by the MAD, which supplies power to the module. The IR datalines are connected to the MAD accessory interface AccIf via FBUS. The RX and TX lines are separated from FBUS by three-state buffers, when the IR-module is switched off. The AccIf in MAD performs pulse encoding and shaping for transmitted data and detection and decoding for received data pulses. The data is transferred over the IR link using serial data...

RX Calibration Agc Afc

Reference values for the received signal strength meter are program tuned. RSSI reference signal level programming - Select Tuning -> RX Calibration - Connect RF generator to antenna connector at 947.067710 MHz. - Adjust signal generator level to -55 dBm + cable attenuation. - Adjust signal generator level to -80 dBm + cable attenuation. AGC in 3 db steps 0 57 dB DAC and voltage reading for each gain value


CCONT includes also five additional 2.8V regulators providing power to the RF section. These regulators can be controlled either by the direct control signals from MAD or by the RF regulator control register in CCONT which MAD can update. Below are the listed the MAD control lines and the regulators they are controlling. - TxPwr controls VTX regulator VR5 - RxPwr controls VRX regulator VR2 - SynthPwr controls VSYN_1 and VSYN_2 regulators VR4 and VR3 - VCXOPwr controls VXO regulator VR1 CCONT...

Cm I I

Dpll And Phase Detector Block Diagram

System Module Technical Documentation Transceiver has got a multi function power management IC, which contains among other functions, also 7 pcs of 2.8 V regulators. All regulators can be controlled individually with 2.8 V logic directly or through control register. In GSM direct controls are used to get fast switching, because regulators are used to enable RF-functions. Use of the regulators can be seen in the power distribution diagram. CCONT also provides 1.5 V reference voltage for PLUSSA...

Service Battery BBD

The Service Battery BBD-3 is used in place of the phone's normal battery during service, to supply a controlled operating voltage to the phone for current and charger calibration, and is also required when flashing the phone. Note that the cable SCB-3 0730114 is also required for charger calibration.