FLA Flash Adapter Product Code

Point of sales flash adapter for NPL-2 phones.

FLA-30 establishes a simple environment for SW update purposes and connects to the same flash test pattern and the phone battery contacts. When using FLA-30 the phone SIM card must be removed and the SIM flap has to be locked close.

Features include:

• flashing and testing ofthe attached phone

• overvoltage and reverse polarity protection of adapter and attached phone

• green LED: power supply valid and attached to the phone (3.5V<Vcc<7V)

• red LED: overvoltage condition, phone power supply disconnected (Vcc>7V)

• shielded 10-pin Western connector towards flash equipment or PC

• 3mm DC-jack for phone and adapter power supply

• flash test pattern pins

View of FLA-30

Spare Parts

There are no serviceable parts inside FLA-30, and FLA-30 is not designed for disassembly. Only serviceable part are the spring loaded test pins that can be replaced without soldering and disassembly. Used test pin type is SX-1-J-2.0-G from manufacturer IDI.

Bent pins can be extracted from adapter's receptacle using a tool. Torn off pins can be replaced using a slowly spinning 0.8 mm. For more detail, please refer to the Service Tool Troubleshooting section.

Test pins (10pcs / plastic bag) NMP 0770450

Customer Care Solutions NPL-2 Series Cellular Phones

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