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Remote SIM Reader CAE-2 and SIM Snap with Connector & Cable DKS-4

The Remote SIM Reader has only one function, namely to connect a SIM card to the phone when it is disassembled. The normal SIM card holder can not be used as it is part of the mechanics.

The reader consists of two parts: firstly a snap with integrated PCB and a cable and secondly a modified NME-1 external cardreader. (can only be used for this application !)

The function is very simple. A large SIM card (network or test SIM) is in-sertedinto the SIM reader, the 8-pin modular connector is connected to the reader and the snap is fitted on top of the SIM reader mounted on the PCB and clicked in position. Observe that the card detect switch is engaged. The NME-2 transceiver is then operational.

Product Code

Remote SIM Reader CAE-2: 0630098

SIM Snap with Connector & Cable DKS-4: 0750106

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Technical Documentation Service Tools/Accessories

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