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NSM-5 Transceiver

BLB-2 Standard Battery Li-ion 750 mAh ACP-7E Standard Charger (EUR) 207-253 Vac ACP-7U Standard Charger (US) 108-132 Vac ACP-7C Standard Charger (US) 198-242 Vac ACP-7X Standard Charger (UK) 207-253 Vac ACP-7H Standard Charger (UK) 180-220 Vac ACP-7A Standard Charger (AUS) 216-264 Vac ACP-8E Travel Charger (EUR) 90-264 Vac ACP-8K Travel Charger (Korea) 90-264 Vac ACP-8X Travel Charger (UK) 90-264 Vac ACP-8U Travel Charger (US) 90-264 Vac ACP-8C Travel Charger (China) 90-264 Vac ACP-8A Travel Charger (Australia) 90-264 Vac LCH-9 Mobile Charger DDC-1 Battery Charging Stand HDC-5 Headset (with remote button) HDE-2 Headset (without remote button) HDD-1 Dual Headset HDB-5 Boom Headset HDR-1 Music Player LPS-3 Loopset (inductive) CSE-30 Carrying Strap

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