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The baseband is powered down by:

1. Pressing the power key, that is monitored by the MAD, which starts the power down procedure.

2. If the battery voltage is dropped below the operation limit, either by not charging it or by removing the battery.

3. Letting the CCONT watchdog expire, which switches off all CCONT regulators and the phone is powered down.

4. Setting the real time clock to power off the phone by a timer. The RTC generates an interrupt signal, when the alarm is gone off. The RTC interrupt signal is connected to the PWRONX line to give a power off signal to the CCONT just like the power key.

The power down is controlled by the MAD. When the power key has been pressed long enough or the battery voltage is dropped below the limit the MCU initiates a power down procedure and disconnects the SIM power. Then the MCU outputs a system reset signal and resets the DSP. If there is no charger connected the MCU writes a short delay to CCONT watchdog and resets itself. After the set delay the CCONT watchdog expires, which activates the PURX and all regulators are switched off and the phone is powered down by the CCONT.

If a charger is connected when the power key is pressed the phone enters into the acting dead mode.

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