SIM card not accepted Sim Lock failure

If message SIM Card not accepted appears on LCD after entering PIN code, a SIM LOCK is activated in this phone. Initialize phone into normal mode and activate Quick RF-info (WINTESLA) compare the SIM LOCK entries with the below listed references If MCC+MNC or status doesn't match to the listed entries, correct the SIMLOCK entries with use of the Nokia security SW (SSSW) or send this phones to the SACE if it is not permitted to you Refer to insert SIM Card procedure Change COBBA if all SIM LOCK...

No RX no Rx calibrationRSSI reading highest value

N620 PLUSSA faulty poor soldering check the UHF- and VHF oscillator frequency check the control-lines for the PLL, pin 54, 55, 56 of N620 (see the diagrams below) check the UHF-VC on pin 27 N620 1,9V-3.2V depending of the channel check the VHF-VC on pin 18 N620 2,6V check the 5V VCP supply voltage drop over R640 (normal 0,2V) change the N620 PLUSSA 1.500 1.000 0,500 V 0,000 -0,500 -1,000 -1,500 -2,000