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Symptom of backup battery fault is

Real Time Clock loses the correct time during short main battery removal.

The same symptom can also be seen when the backup battery is empty. About 5 hours is needed to fully charge the backup battery in the device. NOTE: Backup battery is charged only the same time with main battery charging. Or when the device is LOCAL or TEST mode.

Always check the backup battery visually for any leakage or any other visual defect.

Check that the backup battery is correctly mounted in the device before closing the cover.

Check with Phoenix that backup battery is OK Measure the voltage of backup battery

• Normal operation when the voltage is > 2.0V

• Fully charged when the voltage is about 3.2V (because of large internal impedance voltage won't stay above 3.0V a long time after charging is disabled)

Enable backup battery charging (start to charge main battery or boot device to LOCAL or TEST mode)

Measure voltage of backup battery during charging, It should arise if it is not 3.2V, yet.

When the voltage is over 2.0V for sure, check backup battery with Phoenix. -> In not OK then D190 is faulty.

Ensure that the RTC is running.

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