Rtc Alarm detected

The Phone enters POWER_OFF mode from all the other modes except NO_SUPPLY if internal watchdog elapses.

Acting Dead

If the phone is off when the charger is connected, the phone is powered on but enters a state called "Acting Dead", in this mode no RF parts are powered. To the user, the phone acts as if it was switched off. A battery charging alert is given and/or a battery charging indication on the display is shown to acknowledge the user that the battery is being charged.


In the active mode the phone is in normal operation, scanning for channels, listening to a base station, transmitting and processing information. There are several sub-states in the active mode depending on if the phone is in burst reception, burst transmission, if DSP is working etc.

In active mode the RF regulators are controlled by SW writing into UEM's registers wanted settings: VR1A/B must be kept disabled. VR2 can be enabled or forced into low quiescent current mode. VR3 is always enabled in active mode. VR4 -VR7 can be enabled, disabled or forced into low quiescent current mode.

Table 21 : Regulator controls


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