RF Module

This RF module takes care of all RF functions of EGSM/DCS1800 dualband engine. RF circuitry is located on one side of the 8-layer transceiver-PCB. PCB area for the RF circuitry is about 15 cm2. The RF design is based on the dualband direct conversion RF-IC "Hagar". There is no intermediate frequency and that means the number of component is much lowerthan before and therefore much less interference problemsthan previously.

EMC emissions are taken care of using metal shielding cans, which screens the whole transceiver. Internal screening is realized by separating different sections of the RF by shielding cans. The VCO is isolated from Hagar and external components by a can in the Hagar shielding can and PA, RX/TX Switch and LNA's are located in a separate can. The baseband circuitry is located on the same side ofthe same board, but in a separate shielding can.

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