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When the charger is connected, CCONT will switch on the CCONT digital voltage as soon as the battery voltage exceeds 3.0V. The reset for CCONT's digital parts is released when the operating voltage is stabilized (50 us from switching on the voltages). Operating voltage forVCXO is also switched on. The counter in CCONT digital section will keep MAD2WD1 in reset for 62 ms (PURX) to make sure that the clock provided by VCXO is stable. After this delay, MAD2WD1 reset is released, and VCXO -control (SLEEPX) is given to MAD. The next diagram explains the power on procedure with charger (the picture assumes empty battery, but the situation would be the same with full battery):






1: Battery voltage over 3.0==>Digital voltages to CCONT 2: CCONT digital reset released. VCXO turned on 3: 62ms delay before PURX

Figure 14: Power Up with Charger

When the phone is powered up with an empty battery pack using the standard charger, the charger may not supply enough current for standard power-up procedure and the power-up is delayed.

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