Power Up and Power Down

When the PURX reset is released, the MAD2WD1 releases the System-reset signals (Ext-SysResetX and the internal MCUResetX) and starts the boot program execution. The logic-level on the GenSDIO pin of the MAD2WD1 select where the BOOT program execution starts:

GenSDIO = '0' : from MAD2WD1 boot-ROM GenSDIO = '1' : from external memory.

In normal operation, the program execution continues from the flash program memory. However, If the MBUS line is pulled low during the power up, then the boot-ROM starts a flash programming sequence and waits for the prommer response through FBUS_RX line.

The baseband is powered up by:

1 Connecting a charger to the phone. The CCONT recognizes the charger from the VCHAR voltage and starts the power up procedure.

2 Pressing the power key, that generates a PWRONX signal from the power key to the CCONT, this starts the power up procedure.

3 A RTC interrupt. If the real time clock is set to alarm and the phone is switched off, the RTC generates an interrupt signal, when the alarm is gone off. The RTC interrupt signal is connected to the PURX line to give a power on signal to the CCONTjust like the power key.

4 IBI-pulse. When a short (10ms) voltage pulse is applied to the BTEMP pin, the CCONT wakes up and starts the power on procedure. This is used by the HDa12 Service tools.

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