PCM serial interface

The interface consists of following signals: a PCM codec master clock (PCMDClk), a frame synchronization signal to DSP (PCMSClk), a codec transmit data line (PCMTX) and a codec receive data line (PCMRX). The COBBA-GJP generates the PCMDClk clock, which is supplied to DSP SIO. The COBBA-GJP also generates the PCMSClk signal to DSP by dividing the PCMDClk. The PCMDClk frequency is 1.000 MHz and is generated by dividing the RFIClk 13 MHz by 13. The COBBA-GJPfurtherdivides the PCMDClk by 125 to get aPCMSClk signal, 8.0 kHz.

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