Page No

Baseband 5

Technical Summary 5

External Signals and Connectors 7

Internal Signals and connections 13

Power Distribution 14

PWM 19

Supply voltage regulators 21

Switched mode power supply VSIM 22

Power Up and Power Down 23

Modes of Operation 26

Audio Control 27


RF Module 40

Maximum Ratings 40

RF Characteristics 40

RF Frequency Plan 41

DC characteristics 41

Power Distribution Diagram 42

RF Functional Description-Diagram 43

Frequency Synthesizer 44

Receiver 45

Transmitter 46

AGC strategy 47

AFC function 47

DC-compensation 48

Receiver Characteristics 48

Transmitter Characteristics 49

User Interface 50

LCD Module 50

Keyboard 50

Power Key 51

Backlight for Display and Keyboard 51

UI-Switch 51

Audio and Vibrator 52

Audio Function Description 52

Internal Audio Devices 53

Microphone 54

Buzzer 55

Audio Accessories 57

External Audio Interrface 58

Accessory Detection, Identification and Control 62

Accessories Electric Specifications 64

Vibra Alerting Device 65

Parts Lists 67

List of Figures

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