The purpose of this document is to describe how to handle special components in the After Market Service.

MicroBGA (CSP) in HDa12 products are moisture and electrostatic sensitive components which need to be handled in a special way in production and in After Sales.

CSP components soldering needs a special MicroBGA soldering station

When any CSP component is replaced it must first be baked using a high temperature device container at 125 Celsius for 24 hours prior to assembly. If baking operation is not performed then the soldering process may not be successful, and the CSP component might suffer internal stress, and eventually break down. Whenever a vaacum pack is opened, use the component within 48 hours.

Standby for soldering temperature in oven for CSP should be 60° C continuously.

Components should not be baked more than once if using the high temperature bake of 125° Cfor24 hours.

Spare parts stock of CSPs must be stored in a sealed, vaacumpacked, ESD protected (metallized) plastic bag and handled as electrostatic sensitive components.

Relative Humidity: 15% - 70% RH0 Temperature: -5°C - +40°C Sulphur dioxide average 0.3 mg/m3 Sulphuretted hydrogen average 0.1 mg/m3

CSP components have 12 months shelf life after sealing date in vacuum pack.

IMPORTANT: Precautions have to be taken when handling the component, like do not touch the component with bare hands, and always wear a grounded wrist or leg band.

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