Desktop Option

The desktop option allows the user to charge the phone from the mains supply.

Item Name: Type code: Material code:

1. Transceiver See ProductVariantsTable

2. Desk Stand DCV-10 0675203

3. ACTravelCharger(Europiug) 207-253 vac ACP-7E 0675144

4. AC Travel Charger (uspiug) 108-132 vac ACP-7U 0675143 ACTravelChargeruspiug) 207-253 Vac ACP-7P 0675147 ACTravelCharger(uspiug) 198-242 vac ACP-7C 0675158

5. ACTravelCharger(UKpiug) 207-253 vac ACP-7X 0675145 ACTravelChargeruKpiug) iso-22ovac ACP-7H 0675146

6. ACTravelCharger Australia) 216-264 vac ACP-7A 0675148

7. PerformanceTravelChargerEuro plug 90-264 vac ACP-8E 0675195 Performance Travel Charger Korea plug 90-264 vac ACP-8K 0675199

8. PerformanceTravelChargeruK plug 90-264 vac ACP-8X 0675197

9. PerformanceTravelChargerus plug 90-264 vac ACP-8U 0675196 PerformanceTravelChargerchina plug 90-264 vac ACP-8C 0675211

10. PerformanceTravel ChargerAustraiia plug 90-264 vacACP-8A 0675214

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