Avoid touching the membrane

The Membrane is a 20^m thin film with a well defined shape which must not be changed. It is obviously, that very small forces are able to affect the shape ofthe membrane in reversible. Such deformations can be seen in most cases viewing the membrane against light using it as a mirror.

Avoid snapping speakers together. Due to magnetic forces the speakers like to snap together when they are placed to close, e.g. at Service Centres, in boxes without tray or when a pile of trays is shocked by rigid handling. When snapped together the contacts of one speaker are pressed into the membrane of the other one - see above.

This is the most likely case for damaged membranes / poor performance ofthe speaker. So when ever there are speakers snapped together they have to be considered as scrap.

Recommendation: put speakers back to a tray whenever theyare taken outofthe phone due to maintenance/repair actions.

How to handle the speaker

- use the magnetic field to fix them to an iron sheet.

- manually by touching the outside diameter.

- by gently pressing the backside - avoid deformation of spring contacts to a height of less than 1 mm above speaker housing rim.

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