Audio Accessories

HDa12 HP has the external audio interface to support the following Janette accessories:

Headset is the most simple audio accessory to use. It merely only consists of an earpiece and a microphone, and a switch which in technical terms is often referred to as a H00K-switch or HeadSet button. The H00K-switch can be used either to answer in-coming calls or to end a call.

HDC-5 is purely a passive audio accessory.

PPH-1 : Plug ft Play unit (carkit-unit)

Plug ft Play HandsFree is an active audio accessory meant to be supplied from the ciga-retlighter in a car. Plug ft Play HandsFree contains an integrated loudspeaker and an option to connect an external microphone unless the phone's own microphone shall be used. The term 'Plug ft Play' refers to the fact that the PPH-1 unit can be moved around in different cars.

HFM-8 : External microphone

HFM-8 is an option for the user to have a separate microphone for the carkit-installa-tion. HFM-8 is supposed to be connected to PPH-1 which will then provide amplification of the uplink audio signal for the phone. HFM-8 is meant to be permanently installed in a car.


Is detected and handled as the HDC-5. A current loopset, driven by a current amplifier, is used here instead of the earpiece.

HDC-5 : Headset with button

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