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HD947 is a DCT3.5 based product, i.e. a dual band GSM 900 & DCS1800, single board concept using the serial version of the MAD2PR1-and COBBA_GJP chip set. HD947 is based on HD945 (PICA) HW with significant modifications in the Baseband as listed below:

- HD947 uses a two cell semi fixed NiMH battery-pack only, giving 2.4V nominal supply voltage. Thus the usual NMP battery interface is modified.

- A special charge control ASIC, PSCC, is used for two cell NiMH charging instead of CHAPS (basically a Chaps modified for 2cells with reduced features).

- The supply voltage inside the phone is delivered by a DC/DC converter, which step up the battery voltage to 3.1 - 4.2 V supplying the regulators and PA's of the phone.

- The DC/DC converter is supplying 4 different voltages ref. depending upon the required power level and phone state.

- HD947 has a special non DCT3 compatible Bottom connector, which supports no DATA, only chargers and external audio.

- Headset HDC-5 and Handsfree unit PPH-1 are supported.

- The external Audio is dual ended uplink and downlink.

- HD947 supports only internal vibra, and in NSE-9 only.

- No support of FLASH ROM writing outside production or aftersales environment.

- HD947 has a separate serial EEPROM.

- Battery removal detection is changed compared to previous NMP standard.

- An integrated switch IC, UlSwitch, is used for buzzer, vibra and backlight driving.

- There are no backup supply for the RTC. The watch may have to be reset after battery removal.

The only difference in the Baseband between GF7 and GD7 is that "Col 4" pin on the MAD2PR1 is logically HIGH in GF7 and logically LOW in GD7, to indicate to the SW which kind of PCB is in use. The two different versions are made to accommodate the use of two different sets of PA's.

The only Baseband difference between NSE-8 and -9 is that the vibra is mounted in the mechanical assembly in NSE-9.

System Module

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