Deep Sleep Mode

In the sleep mode all the regulators except, Vcobba, Vref, VBB, (Vcore when MAD2PR1 in C07 is used) and the SIM card VSIM regulators are off. Sleep mode is activated by the MAD2PR1 after MCU and DSP clocks have been switched off. The voltage regulators for the RF section are switched off and the VCXO power control, VCXOPwr is set low. In this state only the 32 kHz sleep clock oscillator in CCONT is running. The flash memory power down input is connected to the VCXO power control, so that the flash is deep powered down during sleep mode.

In sleep mode the switcher supplies minimum output voltage.

The sleep mode is exited either by the expiration of a sleep clock counter in the MAD2PR1 or by some external interrupt, generated by a charger connection, key press, headset connection etc. The MAD2PR1 starts the wake up sequence and sets the VCXOPwr control high. After VCXO settling time other regulators and clocks are enabled for active mode. If the battery pack is disconnect during the sleep mode, the CCONT shall power down the SIM in the sleep mode as there is no time to wake up the MCU.

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