Power Up Sequence

The baseband can be powered up in three different ways.

When the power switch is pressed input pin 'PWRONX' on PSCLD, N300 is connected to ground and this switches the regulators inside PSCLD on.

An other way to power up is to connect the charger,whichr causes the baseband to power up and start charging the battery.

The third way to power the system up is to attach the battery. Power up using Power on Button

This is the most common way to power the system up. It is successful if the battery voltage is higher than the power on reset level set by the MCU, in the PSCLD, N300, default value 5.5 Vdc. The power up sequence is started when the power on input pin 'PWRONX' at PSCLD is activated, low. The PSCLD then internally enters the reset state where the regulators are switched on. At this state the PWM output 'CHRGSW on the PSCLD is forced active to support additional power from any charger connected. The sleep control output signal is forced high enabling the regulator to supply the VCO and startup the clock.

After the power on reset delay of 50-150 ms PURX is released and the system exits reset mode. The PWM output is still active until the MCU writes the first value to the PWM register. The watchdog has to be acknowledged within 16 s after that PURX is released, go high.

The power up sequence using power on/off button is shown below.

Tek Hfiim Single Sen 2.00kS/s

PwrSwitch has been pressed

Master Reset PUrX

MCU Reset release

Supply voltage

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