Desktop Stand CGH

The desktop stand provides mounting place for both the phone and a spare battery.

Charging order is the phone battery first, and then the spare battery. Check the charging status of the phone battery on the phone display.

Compatible with all battery options, the desktop stand is used together with the standard charger or fast & light charger. Charging times for the 470 mAh battery are approximately 45 min or 2 h 30, respectively.

In addition, the desktop stand offers a discharging facility for the spare battery. Discharging helps extend battery life. Place the spare battery in the stand and press the discharge button. When the battery is totally discharged, recharging will begin automatically. You can also stop discharging before it is finished by pressing the button again. Recharging will begin immediately.

The discharge button is equipped with LED indication for the spare battery. A blinking red light indicates discharging. A continuous red light indicates recharging, and a green light indicates the spare battery is full. Charge until the light turns green.

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